Carmen Clemente, new Director of Marketing and Communication for Grupo Aire

Carmen Clemente, nueva directora de marketing y comunicación de Grupo Aire

Group Aire is pleased to announce the appointment of Carmen Clemente as the new Director of Marketing and Communication for Grupo Aire. With this appointment, Group Aire is investing in a professional with a renowned track record. With a strong background in various areas of marketing and sales in international technology companies in the telecommunications sector, including voice, connectivity, hosting, and UCaaS, Carmen Clemente takes on the challenge of enhancing and creating growth opportunities in the markets where GRUPO AIRE operates.

Having been involved in the Marketing and business industry for over 20 years, Carmen Clemente holds a degree in Economics and Business from the Complutense University of Madrid. She also holds a Master’s degree from the prestigious ESIC Business & Marketing School in Marketing Management and Sales Management.

Carmen Clemente began her professional career in the Wholesale division of Cable & Wireless, later joining Orange as a purchasing manager in 2005 and advancing to product and pricing manager. In 2012, she joined IONOS as the product marketing manager, a role she held until 2016 when she moved to GoDaddy as a Growth Marketing Manager. In 2019, Clemente joined NFON, where she served as the Marketing Manager for Iberia, until her appointment to Grupo Aire in 2023.

Carmen Clemente’s profile radiates with her outstanding expertise in marketing, communication, and sales within the global landscape of technology companies. She also has extensive experience in digital marketing. Her expertise allows her to quickly identify areas for improvement and implement processes that efficiently address challenges.

In her new role, Clemente will define Grupo Aire’s marketing strategy with the aim of increasing the brand’s visibility in a highly competitive environment and accelerating sales growth. Carmen Clemente explains it this way, “The challenge ahead of us is to create a marketing team that supports the commercial areas of Grupo Aire’s companies to enhance and generate new growth opportunities for the company.” To this, Clemente adds, “To tackle this challenge, I have the support and commitment of a team that approaches each challenge with the attitude and goal of seeking excellence in their daily tasks.”

Raúl Aledo, CEO of Grupo Aire and Aire Networks, responded to this new appointment as follows: “Having Carmen in the company is part of our growth strategy and our commitment to professionals with such remarkable track records as hers. Undoubtedly, her profile will boost the already high level of the team and help us face new challenges in the coming years.”