With this appointment, the Group continues to promote technological development and the internationalization of the company

Current newsgrupoaire grupoaire14 de April de 2023
Alfredo García, Corporate Director de Grupo Aire

Grupo Aire announces the appointment of Alfredo García as the new Corporate Director with the mission to enhance this business segment. With an extensive professional career of over 20 years in the multinational corporate sector, Alfredo García has become a renowned expert in sales and business development in the technology field.

García is known for his expertise in new methodologies to achieve impact on company results. In his previous professional experience, he stands out due to his long journey as a business developer at HP for 18 years, 6 years as the director of the Aiuken Cybersecurity office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and his ongoing collaboration for over 9 years as an executive coach at IE.

With this appointment, Grupo Aire aims to take a qualitative and quantitative leap in its growth and expansion strategy following the entrance of Ardian Buyout as shareholders, which took place last October. The integration of the additional companies aims to continue promoting synergies and allows Grupo Aire to continue its organic and inorganic growth strategy, which began in 2019 and includes the acquisitions of Prored, Unelink, LCRcom, AR Telecom, and Stackscale, as well as strengthening its core business segments: connectivity, cloud, data center, unified communications, and mobile enabler.

As well as his outstanding career in the international technology sector, specializing in cybersecurity in recent years, the incorporation of such a prestigious profile will contribute to Grupo Aire’s current challenges. Furthermore, Alfredo García is an expert in Agile methodology, transformative leadership, and people and team management. These capabilities will be leveraged in the project of creating a group catalogue and synchronizing commercial and technical efforts.

“It is a pleasure to join the ranks of Grupo Aire to lead the commercial strategy of the corporate segment,” says Alfredo García. “After many years in the industry, I have seen the difference that a proper implementation of technological developments such as cloud, data science, or unified communications can make, and we will take advantage of all the possibilities that the Group offers to open ourselves to new markets and customer profiles and thus contribute to the national and international expansion of Grupo Aire.”

Raúl Aledo, CEO of Grupo Aire, commented: “We are very pleased with the arrival of Alfredo García to Grupo Aire. He is an executive with a long professional career, which is evident in his expert execution of business development tasks. This is something that is well established in our roadmap, in order to maintain and increase the upward growth trend that our company experiences year after year, a task in which Alfredo García will be of great help!