About us

We are Grupo Aire

Grupo Aire is a telecommunications group which is made up of distinguished companies offering connectivity, VoIP, Mobile Enabler, UcaaS and Cloud services to operators, businesses and public entities, with the aim of guiding them through their digital transformation process.

As well as being a long-established service provider in both national and international markets, it is also a leader in the IT sector in Iberia.  It is renowned for having more than 20 proximity neutral datacentres located throughout the Iberian Peninsula, which are connected to the rest of the neutral datacentres via its own network of more than 32,000 km spanning across Spain and Portugal, and it is present in more than 90 national and international POPs.

Technology is at the forefront of GRUPO AIRE’s DNA, and the high degree of expertise in the services we offer you, allows us to be flexible in adapting to client's needs, together with our extremely professional customer care.

Mission, vision, values

Our passion for technology is the spark that lights our fire. Since our foundation we have sought to do what no one else has done and to go where no one else has gone, by enabling companies to become truly cutting edge.

The very essence of Grupo Aire is rooted in technology. We strive to create and implement systems, software and solutions that will eventually become an integral part of the everyday routines of millions of people, making their daily lives easier, by helping them to stay connected and, at the same time, protected.

We promote a culture of data with the highest quality and protection standards, and one in which we face the biggest players from other parts of the world. We believe in European data sovereignty, which is why we are a member of Gaia-X, a European initiative that positions itself as the cradle of a federated and transparent digital ecosystem, where data and services are made available, collected and shared in an environment of trust, and from there we will continue to drive change.

We have had the immense good fortune to bring together a team of people who share the same motivation and values, who share in our technological culture and who collaborate daily to make this amazing project possible. Therefore, among our purposes is to contribute to their personal and professional development, to be an equal and inclusive company and to improve the quality of lives of all the people who participate in it.

We believe that technology and the planet are closely linked and that is why we have set out to become part of the solution. The Planeta Aire project’s aim is to become one of the most important initiatives of Grupo Aire in terms of sustainability in a cross-sectoral way to all the companies that form part of the group. It will endeavour to develop Grupo Aire’s non-economic balance sheet. The idea is to create a new framework on which to base the values of the companies that make up our group, and which will make a significant contribution to achieving the SDGs. We are striving to make this project as sustainable as possible, by periodically reviewing our business model and we aim to incorporate as many good practices as possible. This is a work in progress and we accept our part in this mission that will affect us all.

Since the beginning we knew that all these objectives could only be achieved by growing our company, so we decided some time ago to continue our journey together with investors. The figures have shown year over year, that we have experienced significant growth and we plan to continue our expansion. Therefore, our commitment is to offer the best possible economic results, not only to our investors, but also to be at the forefront of technology.

On this journey, our business partners have an important role to play, and we are committed to dealing with them fairly and to seek all the synergies that will allow us to grow together. From a technological leadership standpoint and with the union of the different forces that make up Grupo Aire, we will continue to work to be a force for change. And our mission, vision and values are the roadmap to achieving this.

Sustained growth

Companies and brands


Aire Networks
Ar Telecom



Major milestones

Our history


Aire Networks

Aire Networks

Aire Networks starts its wireless internet service with a small network of radio links.


ion mobile (Orange)

ion mobile (Orange)

ion mobile is born as a mobile virtual network operator with flexible and customizable voice and data tariffs.


OMV full

OMV full

MVNO full Strategic agreement with Movistar to become a full MVNO, improving our coverage and services.


Magnum Capital

Magnum Capital

Magnum Capital. Aire Networks increases capital to expand its business, after the incorporation of Magnum Capital.


Prored, Unelink, Grupo Aire

Prored, Unelink, Grupo Aire

Prored, Unelink, Grypo Aire. Prored and Unelink are integrated into Aire Networks, expanding its connectivity and cloud potential.




LCRcom. Aire Networks acquires LCRcom, consolidating its commitment to growth in the SME segment.


Ar Telecom

Ar Telecom

Ar Telecom. The acquisition of the Portuguese company Ar Telecom launches Grupo Aire's internationalization process.




Grupo Aire incorporates cloud provider Stackscale and enters the FLAP market.

Management Committee